How to Add and Edit a TikTok Video

TikTok is a popular social network allowing to create short videos. The Chinese service is developing rapidly and offers its users extensive functionality. Here you can shoot a video with your favorite music, apply special effects and blow up a local video chart. How to use the TikTok features to become popular? This article will help you understand this.


  • App functionality
  • How to add a video
  • How to add music
  • How to become popular
  • Types of special effects
  • How to edit a video
  • Summary

App functionality

Download the app from Play Market or App Store, register and get acquainted to its functionalities:

  • The “house” icon leads to the main page;
  • The “magnifying glass” icon helps search for users, videos or hashtags;
  • The “plus” button means adding a video;
  • The “messages” button leads to the correspondence with friends;
  • The “profile” button will change the nickname and account data.

How to add a video

To add a video, you should:

  • tap the “plus” button;
  • upload video from the device gallery;
  • add music;
  • tap the “smiley” icon and find all Tik Tok filters;
  • put hashtags and publish the video.

To make a new video, you have to:

  • visit to the app and tap the “plus” button;
  • select music from the section or add it from the phone;
  • listen to the track and tap the button “Film with this sound”;
  • after downloading the track, the app will go to the camera with many filters.

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How to add music

To get a beautiful video, you should not only film it, but also know how to add music Tik Tok. You can add a popular track in the following way:

  • In the app select the “Profile” button – the icon to the right at the bottom of the screen.
  • In the list that appears there are several sections: Popular, Favorites, My Music. In each section there are thematic categories: Animals, Hits, Novelties, Comedy, etc.
  • Select your favorite song in the section. It can be mixed, the volume can be done lower or louder using the sliders.

How to become popular

It is necessary to constantly come up with the original ideas for the videos, be creative and use special effects. Stay on the wave of success, using new trendy tricks.

Types of special effects

In addition to the standard camera change, the following filters and effects are available on TikTok:

  • video recording speed with slowing down or accelerating;
  • flash;
  • adding freckles, masks and 3D figures;
  • pouring rain;
  • water drops on the screen;
  • changing the shade of hair and eyes;
  • split screen;
  • MakeUp, etc.

How to edit a video

Any video can be edited beyond recognition. Using Tik Tok combine two filters, you will get interest from the audience and attract attention. When editing the video:

  • set start and end of the video;
  • trim the video;
  • speed up or slow down separate parts of the video using the “Timer” button;
  • rotate the image by turning it to a horizontal or vertical position;
  • add several special effects.


As you can see, the TikTok app is easy to use. With its functionality, you can figure it out in a few minutes, so do not hesitate and start conquering the new social network.