How to Become Popular on TikTok through the Challenges?

Internet is flooded with various social networks where people post their personal content: photos, videos, collages and more. Let’s discuss the world famous app TikTok, originally designed in China several years ago. Developers created a platform for the social network focused on posting short videos. How to become a famous video blogger and constantly generate interesting content? This question is acute for the newbie users of the service.


  • How to become popular on TikTok?
  • What is challenge?
  • Popular challenges on TikTok
  • Where to get ideas for content
  • Content features
  • Summary

How to become popular on TikTok?

TikTok has become well-known in many countries and is starting to gain its popularity in Runet. The majority of the audience is young people interested in entertaining videos. Teens constantly create videos for their favorite songs, use a variety of filters and special effects.

In the app, you can make friends and gain an army of followers. Becoming super popular is the main goal of TikTok fans. They dream of millions of likes, followers and comments, with the help of which they will reach the TOP. To win followers’ love, you need to have creative thinking and original ideas for shooting videos. In order to reach TOP, many people use challenges blowing up the local video charts.

What is challenge?

Challenge is a call to yourself. This is a common genre of videos with a certain idea. They appear almost from nowhere: some user came up with a new video, while others picked up this idea. Videos created on hype or with an extraordinary content delivery get extremely popular.

Popular challenges on TikTok

Challenge videos are viral in their nature. Watching them fascinates users, and causes interest to filming something similar. Among the sensational challenges are:

  • cosplay – turning into the anime-style characters;
  • Tik Tok arm challenge – synchronized dance with the hands;
  • “before” and “after” – transformation from a simple to an extraordinary image;
  • lipstick – an attempt to do make up without hands;
  • with Haribo teddy bear and the hit “Someone like you” by Adele, who announced her quitting the scene.

The body movements to the beat are used in parodies of famous songs. One of the super popular challenges is Tik Tok pubg finger. At first glance, it is a simple hand dance which, in fact, is not that easy to practice. You will need to work hard on changing the position of your fingers and hands synchronously and quickly. If you master the technique at the “God” level, your video will shine in the list of popular and will help promote your personal account.

Where to get ideas for content

If you find inspiration, but if there is no time to wait for the muse, check out the ideas from the top foreign video bloggers.

Content features

Tik Tok famous songs are most often:

  • expressing a funny or cute idea;
  • with the original filters or “wow!” effect;
  • based on the hype.


TikTok is a rapidly developing service, where you could start an account, especially if you plan to monetize it or become popular.