Popularity of TikTok Account

Every year there appear new exciting social portals gaining their popularity. This category includes the well-known today Instagram, TikTok and Facebook. Not all users registered on these sites are aware of simple profile monetization methods, meaning that surfing the social network can bring good income. Let’s figure out how to earn money on TikTok app and promote your page from scratch.


1. How to monetize TikTok account.

2. Free ways to promote your profile.

3. Paid promotion options.

4. What methods are the most effective?

5. Summary.

How to monetize TikTok account

Monetization of your personal account is a great project for online earnings. Income in the TikTok social network may come from advertising of other accounts or companies specializing in selling goods or services. For example, paid popular TikTok video filters are in great demand today. A blogger can try them, shoot a small video as an advertisement and offer users following his page to purchase them.

In order to start making money in this area, you need to have a sufficient target audience, that is, your profile followers. Today there are several methods to increase the number of followers, natural and artificial.

Free ways to promote your profile

Natural options that are free, include mutual following and using apps for cheating indicators. Mutual following is a popular method that appeared in Vkontakte and Instagram. It means that the account owner starts following other blogs, puts likes and asks them to perform similar actions in the personal messages.

Free programs for increasing followers, likes and comments function are based on the mutually beneficial terms. That is, after completing the tasks the person gets the desired result. In this case, the user has to fulfill maximum actions to get followers, likes or comments. In order for the post to collect 10 “hearts” or “thumbs up” you have to perform 10 tasks. This may include posting comments from your account, following accounts, rating posts and reposting.

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Paid promotion options

Today, there is an alternative for saving your time and energy – specialized services. Professionals with the necessary knowledge and skills can promote any social network account, including TikTok, quickly and safely. They can increase the number of followers, reposts, comments, likes, and bring you to the top list of users in a short time and at an affordable price.

What methods are the most effective?

The highest quality result is achieved with the help of artificial profile promotion. Service professionals take responsibility for the desired task. Such a money investment is considered profitable and quickly pays off as a received income for the advertising services.


Today, popular searches in the search engine, for example, how to put effects on your TikTok video, are replaced by “how to make money in social networks.” These portals provide an excellent opportunity to earn good money every month, change your specialty to blogging and improve income.