TikTok: Earnings or Entertainment?

The popularity of social networks and instant messengers is growing with every day. Today new platforms for creating video content come to the fore. One of such popular resources is TikTok. The service has an audience of 500 million users worldwide. Among the audience there are mostly young people, but there are also older users. Similar apps serve not only for entertaining, but also for earnings.


1. Earnings on TikTok

2. PR pages

3. Promotion

4. Links to Instagram

5. TikTok features

Earnings on TikTok

How to make money with Tik Tok? Links to the third-party resources cannot be posted there, there are no advertising tools as in other social networks. Is it possible to earn at all with such restrictions? Where there is an audience, there will always be a way for earning. And on TikTok the audience is half a billion users.

PR pages

The most popular videos get to the top. Popular users have many followers. Therefore, one of the types of earnings on TikTok is promotion of other user pages. A popular user can organize promotion.

Many users would be eager to promote their pages for non-commercial purposes. And they are ready to use paid services for this purpose.

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Promotion was used even before the Internet developed so actively. But nowadays, many videos contain promotion of various products. Such videos could be shot on TikTok as well. The most popular of them will serve as an excellent advertisement of the product. Competent advertising campaign will contribute to the promotion of goods.

Videos may not contain direct advertising, it is enough to demonstrate the products on the background of the video.

Links to Instagram

On TikTok you can share links to Instagram pages. Thus it is possible to send traffic from a popular page or channel. Instagram possesses all the tools for a full-fledged advertising campaign.

These methods attract not only people who like making videos on TikTok, but also commercial companies. Professionals in the promotion of social networks have paid attention to this service long ago, its popularity is growing with every day.

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TikTok features

TikTok has many different video editing features. TikTok filters allow making various effects previously available only in professional video editors. You can add music to the video, there is a music library for this.

How to add your own music to Tik Tok? For this tap the notes icon and choose your own composition by downloading the file from your device. Videos are popular not only among the young people. This opportunity was also well rated by the business representatives.

An opportunity to quickly shoot and edit short videos has made TikTok popular all over the world. Now you can shoot a video without using a professional editor. It is enough to upload it to TikTok, add the necessary filters, effects, choose the music. To make the video popular, some users try to catch the “HYPE”, but not everyone succeeds in this, while others successfully use the specialized paid services. The latter are more successful, because the final result does not depend on the external factors.