What is TikTok: Features Overview

Recently, social networks have gained the great popularity. People cannot imagine their lives without them anymore. Here, people can share their thoughts, find out the opinions of other people and communicate. Many users are wondering how to get follower on Tik Tok. Let’s try to find this out together.


• About the service

• Registration process

• Starting work

• How to get more followers?

• Using specialized services

• Advertising

• Conclusion

About the service

The software is used by more than five hundred million people all over the world. The Chinese invention was created several years ago.

Earlier it was available only in Asia. The developers had their competitor called Musical.ly. But they did not come up with anything new except for acquiring and renaming the software. In the CIS countries, the app has gained its popularity because of bloggers using it very actively.

Registration process

To register, enter a mobile phone number or specify any other existing account. There are several social networks to choose from. The registration process does not take much time.

Once the account has been created, you will be taken to the main panel. Tap the tab with recommendations. The most popular videos can be found here. Watch them and start following the accounts you are interested in.

If you have used an existing account page, you can synchronize contacts in order to find your friends quickly.

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Starting work

Now it’s time to get acquainted to the basic tools. The menu is located at the bottom of the screen. There are icons with tabs. Go to the feed by tapping the house icon.

If you want to find something, use the search tab. Tap in the middle to add a new video. You can edit it, crop it, add filters, etc.

To chat, tap the following icon. To view profile data, go to the last tab. Here you can change the profile picture, add description, change the nickname. In advanced settings you will find other options that might be needed in the process.

How to get more followers?

There are many ways of how to get real fans on Tik Tok. There are paid services providing their customers with greater opportunities. Consider the popular methods of obtaining a large number of followers in a short time.

Using specialized services

There are several such services. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. It is recommended not to cheat too many followers at once, but to increase their number over time. Pay attention to the main features and advantages:

1. The interface is convenient even for the ordinary users. You can simply enter a link to your account and select the desired number of followers. Before this, the service should be paid for.

2. An opportunity to get real followers using bots.

3. Bonuses for the new customers.

4. Ample opportunities and functionality.

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It is one of the most popular and effective methods of how to increase popularity in Tik Tok. You can get popular followers.

The scheme works as follows. Many popular accounts provide an opportunity to have advertising posts for a certain price for the beginners. In each case, it is negotiated separately.

Having received more fans, you can mutually advertise another user. This is a good method allowing to earn a lot of followers in a short time.


To get more TikTok followers, it is enough to use one of the listed methods. Simply choose the one you like more.