What Tools of Interaction with the Audience are there on Telegram?

How to use channels, chats and bots on Telegram? The algorithms of this messenger allow to effectively interact with your members. Telegram is a new generation platform that has convenient ways to work with its members. But when using them, several nuances must be taken into account.


  • How to use Telegram: channel, group chat or a bot?
  • Telegram channels
  • Group chat
  • Telegram bots
  • Conclusion

How to use Telegram: channel, group chat or a bot?

Have you decided to use the Telegram messenger to connect to your audience? These may be users of your services or people whom you would like to turn into your customers. To do this, Telegram offers creating a channel, turning on a group chat or using a bot. What is the difference between all these tools? Let’s find it out.

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Telegram channels

Private and public channels are a great way to share your brand’s news. By regular publishing of interesting content with links to your products, you can increase sales or engage the public in your brand.

Everybody wrote about the Telegram channels. Therefore, we will not dwell on this marketing tool. Everyone can create a channel. Its promotion is not difficult. At the beginning, you should buy Telegram channel members.

In fact, the channels in this messenger are a microblogging platform. They are somewhere in between of the voluminous brand media posts and short Twitter messages. Channels can be used for mailing, as a means of feedback from members and networking. To boost likes Telegram, you have to publish content interesting for the users on your channel.

Group chat

This is a more interactive tool that you can use to achieve your goals. Chats are widely used by marketers to create a full-fledged community around the brand. They are more powerful and more interactive than the channels.

At the moment, 60-80% of content is read by the users on Telegram. Its closest competitors are Facebook and VKontakte with only 10% and 15%, respectively.

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Telegram bots

Special messenger algorithms are able to interact with the audience without the author. Telegram API allows to implement programs that will solve user issues quickly and comfortably. Indeed, unlike a living person, they will give an answer almost immediately.

Soon, bots will become indispensable assistants to the audience. Among the most popular Telegram bots, there are:

  • @delorean_bot – reminds of the event you have added.
  • @dict_bot – a simple and fast translator from English into Russian.
  • @shtrafybot – provides information about fines in the traffic police.


To fully interact with your members, you can use all three methods. Channels will allow your members to regularly receive information about the brand, chats – to interact with other users in a “live” community. And bots will solve issues automatically.